DE&I Assessments/Workshops

Our firm also has a focus on recruiting and hiring attorneys of color. But we have also realized that hiring a more diverse workforce is only half the battle of a successful hiring and recruitment plan, especially when it comes to advancement and retention. In order to fully support that workforce and provide an equitable path to partnership and advancement, firms and corporations also need to make structural changes that create awareness, remove impediments to progress and that will ultimately attract lateral candidates and increase retention.

Our workshops can help law firms recognize why they are not meeting their hiring goals of hiring and retaining attorneys of color. We will provide the tools that will allow firms to examine the existing structures that are not working and make real structural change so that they can meet their goals.

We provide firms and corporations with the opportunity to learn cultural awareness and provide the tools to turn that awareness into action.

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Our Approach to DEIB Workshop Facilitation

We believe that you cannot separate the personal from business when tackling the issues of equity and inclusion effectively. Diversity, equity, & inclusion affect us all personally because we bring our conscious and subconscious beliefs into the workplace where we interact and influence others. To facilitate real change, we focus on methods that require us to take an internal look and then we learn how to turn new perspectives outward and apply what we’ve learned about ourselves to making external changes for the greater good.

What We Offer


  • Unconscious Bias in Hiring
  • Recruiting and Retention
  • Let’s Talk About Firm Culture
  • Intentionally Advancing DEIB

Recruitment Review

We will review your current recruitment methods and provide you with a comprehensive recruitment plan based on your hiring goals.

We offer executive search for lateral and partner candidates.